Zubits:Magnetic Shoe Closures| No More Shoe Lacing

The tying and loosening of your shoelaces may not be far up there on your rundown of ordinary bothers, yet hey – in the event that you can get around doing it, why not? That is the way to go behind Zubits. They’re polarized shoe terminations, that have the spot of bows.

Every pair of Zubits are at first strung through the bands of a current arrangement of shoes. You then bunch those bands off to keep them from coming unthreaded, remove the abundance, and afterward probably disregard perpetually tying a bow once more. Rather, you simply snap the characteristics of the Zubits together to quit for the day shoe, and draw them separated when it’s a great opportunity to take your shoes off.

From the looks of the Kickstarter pitch video underneath, they stay safely secured when the shoes are being used, yet can be discharged just by venturing on the heel of one shoe with the other, then pulling your foot up – simply like individuals do with general bound shoes, when they’re excessively apathetic, making it impossible to try unfastening them.

The San Francisco-based Zubits architects have effectively far surpassed their subsidizing objective, so it looks likely that the terminations will really achieve creation. A vow of US$20 will right now get you a couple, expecting all works out as expected.

Sources: Zubits, Kickstarter

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