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Vangaveeti is the upcoming Telugu movie Directed by pro-chief Ram Gopal Varma. Vangaveeti is all about the rowdyism in the 1980s in Vijayawada. Ram Gopal Varma is occupied with the shoot of Vangaveeti motion picture. Vangaveeti Movie Teaser Released on 30th sept and trailer is planned to release on second October in the event of Gandhi Jayanthi. This affirmation is given by RGV himself on interpersonal interaction site. Check more subtle elements of this motion picture beneath.

Release Date: 23 DEC 2016


  • Sandeep
  • Vamsi Krishna
  • Naina Ganguly
  • RamGopalVarma
  • Dasari Kiran Kumar
  • Ravi Shankar
  • Chaitanya Prasad


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Real Story :

To comprehend the ascent of Ranga, one needs to think about the historical backdrop of Vijayawada, to place things in context. Situated on the banks of the Krishna stream, and lying on both the Howrah-Chennai, Delhi-Chennai railroad lines, the city has developed into an essential exchanging and transportation center point. It was one of the urban areas in the South that saw a dynamic investment in the opportunity battle. The Vandemataram development in 1906, Bipin Chandra Pal’s visit in 1907, pulled in numerous to the Indian National Congress then. Furthermore, Vijayawada was at the cutting edge of the flexibility battle from Andhra Pradesh. It was the place the request was made for a different Congress division of Andhra and in addition, the interest for a Telugu talking state. In 1916, the Andhra Congress was shaped in Vijayawada, and the 1921 Congress Committee meeting was held there. Being the gathering home office Vijayawada rose as the goal for those trying to make a dynamic profession in governmental issues from the Krishna locale, as well as the neighboring regions.

Then again, comrade pioneers like Sundarayya, Rajeswara Rao, started to activate the workers in the encompassing rustic zones. However the Congress stayed prevailing, winning the Municipal Council races routinely there from 1923. There was a rank point as well, the Brahmins and Vysyas effectively upheld the Congress, while the most prosperous Kammas, at first bolstered the Justice Party, and later a large portion of them adjusted to the Communist gatherings. Post freedom, Vijayawada started to develop, on account of its key area, the rich hinterland around it, and the nearness of a solid business class. Politically too the city remained a problem area, assuming a significant part in Andhra legislative issues. The vehicle part excessively developed, and Auto Nagar set up in 1966, saw the development of auto auxiliary enterprises in the city. It was around this time the Communists turned out to be capable in the city, controlling the exchange unions there. Before long the city was an observer to a furious turf war between the Congress and Communists over the different exchange unions situated in the city. It was straightforward, who had control over the unions in Vijayawada, controlled the city. With both sides not faltering to depend on solid arm strategies, soon the city turned into a hotbed of political and posse viciousness.

Aside from the competition amongst Congress and Left, there was bury gather contention inside the Congress as well. Fundamentally there were 4 bunches owing steadfastness to Tanguturi Prakasam, Sitaramaiah, N.G.Ranga and Sanjeeva Reddy. Also, each of these gatherings had no delay in falling back on brutality to pull down the other. For eg, the development of a different steel plant in Andhra Pradesh saw rough challenges Sanjeeva Reddy, then Union Minister for Steel. There were brutal conflicts over everything, from the control of exchange unions to tickets for partnership, get together, to control over the unlawful alcohol exchange, to contracts. It was into such a climate, to the point that Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga came in.

The most youthful of 5 children of a little time rancher from Katuru in Krishna area, he relocated in 1970 to Vijayawada alongside his sibling Radha Krishnamurthy. While Radha filled in as a taxicab driver, Ranga had a little cycle shop, and they relocated to the Krishna Lanka territory. The city that time was a fortification of the Communists and political killings were very basic. The authoritative manager of the vehicle specialists exchange union then, was Chalasani Venkataratnam, a Kamma by rank. With the city not having much modern action then, the Leftists started to take the assistance of all sort of criminal components to survive. Chalasani, himself was one of ring pioneers, running a sorted out racket that enjoyed theft, hafta vasool, arrive snatching, unlawful alcohol. Ranga and Radha soon started to prepare the auto drivers, rickshaw pullers, coolies in Vijayawada around them. While they at first worked in Chalasani’s gathering, the siblings soon exited, taking after differences,and framed their own union. To the officially winning posse wars in the city, another measurement had been included. Chalasani was professedly killed by Radha in 1972, and 2 years down the line Radha met a similarly wicked end in a vengeance slaughtering.

Ranga, however, kept on developing, he had a Robin Hood sort of picture among the lower classes. The vast majority of the average workers upheld Ranga, as a saint, who shielded them from the crowd components. The pack wars in Vijayawada now took another turn. With the Leftists battling taking after the split amongst CPI and CPM, and the murder of Chalasani, Ranga soon rose as the predominant constraint. Meanwhile, the Devineni siblings, Nehru and Gandhi, who were a piece of Ranga’s gathering, excited, and soon started another competition. The Devineni siblings, at first began with the CPI, and when Ranga excited, from Chalasani’s gathering, they excessively held hands with him. The city was presently observer to another round of grisly contention between the Vangaveeti and Devineni packs. Gandhi was slaughtered, and Ranga was captured for the murder. His prevalence, however, stayed in place, and in 1981, he was chosen to the partnership as an Independent hopeful.

Unequivocally around 1983, the recently discovered Telugu Desam Party established by N.T.Rama Rao, cleared into power, dislodging the Congress in its fortification. Nehru joined TDP, while Ranga joined the Congress. The 1985 race, saw Ranga entering the Assembly from Vijayawada on a Congress ticket. The posse contention now took a political turn as well, add to it the standing edge, Ranga was a Kapu and Nehru was a Kamma. Also, for long there has been no affection lost between these two noteworthy standings, particularly in Vijayawada, which has frequently observed some grisly conflicts. In 1985, Nehru turned into a priest in NTR’s bureau, and utilizing his political power, utilized the police drive against Ranga. Numerous criminal bodies of evidence were recorded against Ranga principally somewhere around 1983 and 1988, and he was captured numerous a period. Ranga figured out how to effectively extend himself as a casualty of oppression , guaranteeing he was focused on account of his station. Add to it the blundering, frequently dictator methods for the cops in Vijayawada got him sensitivity among his bolster base. Ranga’s primary backing was the average workers, the ghetto zones, and soon they started to rally against what they felt was a grudge against him. Ranga additionally figured out how to change it into a Kapus being mistreated by Kammas, and in a way turned most Kapus against the TDP. Politically the TDP was taking a blow in Vijayawada, with the vast majority of the common laborers( basically OBC, Dalits) betraying it, and the Kapus forsaking it. On Dec 26,1988, Ranga was arranging an uncertain quick for circulation of land pattas, to occupants of Giripuram, when he was assaulted by bombs and killed with no attempt at being subtle. The murder prompted expansive scale revolts in Krishna, Guntur, and the Godavari regions.

Who Killed Ranga?

While his prompt opponent Devineni Nehru was captured, for the murder, and later discharged on safeguard, the theory is that higher ups were included. Numerous have guaranteed that his murder was engineered by Chandrababu Naidu, now CM of Andhra Pradesh, and Upendra. Incongruity is that after NTR passed on, both Devineni Nehru and Upendra joined the Congress.


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