Skype Update For iOS10 Lets You Use Siri To Make A Call And Answer Calls From Your Lock Screen

Microsoft today updated its Skype for iOS application with new elements particular to iOS 10. You can download the new application now straightforwardly from Apple’s App Store (iPhone, iPad).


Skype now bolsters Sirikit, which implies you can call somebody on Skype simply like you would put an ordinary call with voice orders. You can simply say “Call [contact name]” and the length of the Skype contact data is saved in your iOS gadget, Siri and Skype will deal with the rest. Much the same as on an ordinary call, Siri may request you to affirm it has the right contact.

Skype likewise now exploits CallKit in iOS 10. Subsequently, approaching Skype rings will indicate simply like consistent approaches your lock screen, and it’s anything but difficult to switch between, or answer, Skype, and standard calls. Microsoft says Sirikit and CallKit usefulness is going to its Skype for Business iOS applications in October.


You can now store your Skype contacts right in your iOS gadget. This makes it simpler to start a Skype video call, sound call, or even a Skype message without going into the application.


Here’s the full changelog for Skype variant 6.25:

Use Siri summons to rapidly begin a Skype call

Answer Skype calls from your lock screen, much the same as a customary telephone call

Consistently store your Skype contacts into the contacts list incorporated with your iPhone

Pay for Skype Credit in Israeli Shekels

Welcome your companions to Skype straightforwardly from the contacts list

All the more effectively separate between your contacts and bots in the contacts list

This is a major upgrade for Skype, however, you’ll have to get iOS 10 so as to genuinely value it. In case you’re a major Skype client and haven’t moved up to Apple’s most recent and most noteworthy, this ought to win you over.

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