SainSonic SS-01 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Floating Levitating Maglev Speaker

The Wireless Bluetooth floating speaker is outstanding amongst the most lovely and additionally sensible ever developed by innovation. It is additionally a complete fit with regards to the new extraordinary solaces of this era. This item is a position to beat every one of the difficulties that accompany listening to music utilizing a Bluetooth speaker, subsequently making it entirely powerful when contrasted with different gadgets used to listen to music. This Bluetooth floating speaker is not just in a position to meet all its planned capacities  it additionally meets all your own style needs. The following are components that make the Bluetooth flying speaker a perfect item.

This is an astonishing bit of Bluetooth speaker composed in a manner that it can drift around since it resists gravity. It is a piece that has been created with all flawlessness required. This turning circle contains superb speakers that permit you to be in a position to play your music as noisy however you see fit encountering any sort of commotion twisting. The best part about this turning ob is the way that it doesn’t meddle with sound clarity or quality, the music encounter still stays unbelievable. As though every one of these elements is insufficient, the sphere can likewise serve as a convenient speaker short the base or a stand-alone Bluetooth speaker.

The spheres base streamlined roundabout base with a thickness of 25mm, this base is in charge of floating the circle unreservedly noticeable all around. This base likewise contains an inside manufactured USB port that can serve a charger for Smartphones and Tablets when it has direct power supply. This qualifies the Bluetooth coasting to be an unimaginable wellspring of music as well as a charger for different gadgets also.

The Bluetooth floating speaker has a 3600 turning speaker framework that guarantees that everybody around it gets the best quality music that is not traded off at all. You don’t need to be close it for you to experience its advantageous music encounter; you should simply be in the same room with it.

The Bluetooth floating speaker has two crucial availability choices which are NFC and Bluetooth. NFC is an availability choice that is in charge of guaranteeing that at whatever point the sphere is pairing with another gadget around it the smart gadgets are never forgotten.


  • Worth your cash
  • It offers an advantageous sort of the best music encounter subsequently absolutely justified regardless of your each coin.
  • Astonishing speakers
  • This item has basically the best speakers you would ever encounter from any Bluetooth gadget.
  • Fills two needs without a moment’s delay
  • It not just offers you the best music experience, it likewise assumes the part of a charger.
  • 360degree sound accessibility
  • You don’t need to guarantee that the speaker confronts you for you are in a position to obviously get the music since it has a 360degree sound capacity.


  • Marginally difficult working idea.
  • It gets marginally difficult to have the circle up and drifting around.
  • Does not have the suitable base
  • As much this gadget offers great music it doesn’t offer the sort of a base you would anticipate from a quality music framework.

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