Movpak: Electric Backpack Skateboard

It might have never entered your thoughts, however, imagine a scenario in which you could ride your camera sack around town. Imagine a scenario where, rather than conveying it, it conveyed you at up to 15mph for up to 9 miles, perhaps charging some of your little gadgets as you went.

All things considered, that is precisely what the Movpak — part sack, part remote-controlled skateboard, part charging station — does.

The Movpak wasn’t composed as a camera pack, however, we’re exceptionally cheerful there’ll be a camera alternative some place down the line, since we could see numerous a camera geek cherishing this sort of adaptability.

We can’t demonstrate the energized GIF, however, you can see it here.

Done shooting in one a player in town? No compelling reason to foot it or point of confinement the separation you can cover in one day of road photography. Rather, simply overlap out the skateboard, snatch the remote, and zoom away at 15mph.

The scope of the Movpak is 9 miles, however, in the event that you don’t have to go very that far, you can utilize it to charge little gadgets also. Also, once you’re back home, it’ll revive completely in around 2 hours.

Obviously, there are pitfalls… and they come as “cost” and “weight.”

Indeed, even without anything in it, the Movpak measures a robust 17lbs. Begin pressing camera gear in there and it could get really overwhelming quite quick.

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