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Khaidi No.150 is the upcoming Indian Telugu movie of Mega Star Chiranjeevi directed by V.V Vinayak, Kajal Aggarwal is the leading role and Shriya Saran is the special appearance.  This movie is a Tamil remake of Kaththi. Music is given by Devi Sri Prasad. This movie is released in the only one language Telugu. This movie will hit theaters on the 13 Jan 2017.

Whether it is getting away from jail or being reclaimed to jail, Chiranjeevi’s Khaidi No 150 brings back a considerable measure of recollections (Spoiler alarm). Khaidi No 150’s account pace is comparable to the well known Khaidi of 1983 strolling into the police headquarters, calmly listening to the officers yet hesitant to uncover his character. After a long interruption reviewing his abominations, his cover is brushed off and serious trouble rises to the surface. The 150th Khaidi of today can bring on the energy simply like he could before.

Kaththi Sreenu (Chiru 1) is a little time cheat who polices get a got away detainee even as he arranges his own. He flees from the jail, just to become involved with a wrongdoing scene including his doppelganger Shiv Shankar Varaprasad otherwise known as Shankar (Yes that is Chiru 2 and yes that is his genuine name in life). Chiru 1 switches personality with Chiru 2 and a speedy flashback drives him to expect the last’s character to battle debasement.

Chiranjeevi has a talent of picking social subjects admirably, to whatever degree the plot goes. His thought to get Murugadoss’ Tamil script Kaththi filled his need from multiple points of view. From Tagore to Stalin to Sreenu, Chiranjeevi grabs parts that shout out a social message. With defilement as the skeleton, these stories played on various issues tormenting the general public. Nonetheless, Khaidi No 150 strolls a couple of miles more to bring Marx’s “Bourgeoisie and the Proletariat” struggle on the screen. FYI: Chiru 2 is a Communist by belief system who battles colleague private enterprise (the corporate foundation). From naming the underpriviliged as “fanatics” to a sickle utilized by ranchers to slice throats, there is a Left account flooding in the script. His line, “Shaking the political foundations from Delhi to here,” is additionally a return to his brief political spell. With the general part, Chiru benefits as much as possible from the script to venture his arrival and he does it actually. Be that as it may, it’s difficult to tell whether he picked the critical issue like agriculturist suicide that is tormenting the country and the Telugu states to revamp his political stage or on the off chance that it was a script he haphazardly preferred.

All things considered, Chiru packs enough punch in the discoursed that it makes the account shoot up in spots summoning some cheering from the group making the plot a gentle tragedy. The rebound film made his character(s), obviously, shadow different parts, which simply stay as spots in the storyline. Kajal is one such on-screen character who is squandered in the film. In spite of the fact that Chiru has two or three lines and realities (like in Tagore) tossed at the gathering of people, the comedic track, installed with stalwarts like Brahmanandam and Ali, couldn’t summon that gut-harming chuckling.

Obviously, there are some minor misses, the principal half is smidgen moderate and the post-interim part is the place the genuine plot exists, which is surged. The story gets somewhat unsurprising as well.

DSP melodies do pump up the story yet a slight frustration is that artist Chiru of Indra and Tagore is very not fit as a fiddle for another progression. There is changed Veena step and a “clasp lift” venture with his child, Ram Charan Teja, who makes a 30-second cameo in a melody, however a similar readiness and flexible is missing.


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