Jiffy:The charger that keeps on giving|Emergency Smartphone Charger

Forget all the Powerbanks, chargers, here comes the new innovative way of charging just by rotating the wheel. This is the new way of charging insted of storing the energy, Here human energy is used to charge the mobile. Jiffy is the stylish and wearable device which is poratable in size, easy to carry and use, no other connection is used except the cable  between the gadget and the device. The appearence of this gadget is very impressive compared to others. Jiffy dosen’t need any batteries, previously we have seen many devices to charge the devices such as solar power, power banks but they are not up to the mark if the day is not sunny its very hard to use the solar energy and once the power bank is done with the usage we need to chare the power bank again and again but Jiffy is different from all those we just need  to rotate so that the device starts charging. This device  will be very helpful in the emergency.


You need to connect th ecable  to the gadget and the device and then start rotating the wheel so that the device start charging. This is the easy way of charging the device in any conditions. It works for all the android and iOS devices. Jiffy can also be used for charging other devices such as lights.


  • Easy to carry
  • portable in size
  • Low cost
  • Easy to use
  • Emergency Use

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