Jia Jia the China’s Most Advanced Realistic Robort

Jia Jia is the world’s most advanced and realistic robort. The University of Science and Technology of China has recently unveiled it’s first ever realistic robot. This robort looks like a human and it looks very beautiful, it can talk to human, it can understand the human language, this robort interacts with the people. It behaves similarly how the human does. This robort has the body movement it can move the eyes, make some facial expressions, move the mouth and makes the lip movement sync with the speech ,it can blink the eyes this robort also raises hand up and give a shake hand to the people. This  humanoid is programmed to recognize  human or the machine interaction, has autonomous position, navigation and offers service based on cloud technology. This robort refers to it’s male creators as lords. she can even tell you off if she senses you’re taking an unflattering picture of her. “Don’t come too close to me when you are taking a picture. It will make my face look fat,” she told someone trying to capture her photo during the presscon.

The group spent three years to outline the robort, ensuring her mouth moves when she talks and that her eyes look around the room actually. In any case, they’ve yet to make sense of how she can giggle or cry… also, how to make her hands look less like a retail establishment mannequin’s. Those might accompany variant 2, since the analysts expect to keep chipping away at Jia regardless of having no arrangements of mass delivering her. Team leader Chen Xiaoping said they would like to give her profound learning and facial acknowledgment abilities later on.

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