Jayammu Nischayammu Raa Movie Review And Rating

Jayammu Nischayammu Raa is the Telugu upcoming movie directed by Shiva Raj Kanumuri and produced by Shiva Raj Kanumuri and Satish Kanumuri. Music is given by RaviChandra. This movie is scheduled to release on 25th Nov 2016. Srinivas Reddy, Posani Krishna Murali are the lead roles in this movie.This movie is a romantic comedy entertainer. Trailer of this movie has been released which is just superb. Generally, Srinivas reddy plays comedy roles in all the movies, but in this movie, he acted as the hero of the movie he plays the major role and movie story runs behind him as per the trailer it seems like he has a girlfriend and a lot of fun in this movie. There are many other comedians acting in this movie, being a low budget movie we the audience encourage this kind of movies so that we get the new story and new technology will be introduced let’s hope our hero /comedian Srinivas reddy will get a big hit with this movie. Thagubothu Ramesh, prabhas seenu, jabardasth fame roller raghu and may other new upcoming artistry are also acting in this movie. The trailer clearly explains that the movie has a lot of comedy and some love story and family relations are shown in this movie. Trailer shows that Srinivas reddy holds have a govt job and he will be trying to transfer to this location, in this movie Srinivas reddy will be trying for his transfer so he will be doing any kind of work for his dream thing like to transfer to his village, for his transfer he wants to love a girl and he faces may struggle in the process of love, trailer explains this kind of this director or the story tried to generate comedy between all the things in his process. Let’s encourage this kind of low budget movies.


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  • Srinivasa Reddy
  • Poorna
  • Sree Vishnu
  • Posani Krishna Murali
  • Krishnudu
  • Ravi Varma
  • Krishna Bhagavaan
  • Praveen
  • Krishnam Raju (Jogi Raju)
  • Jogi Naidu
  • Jeeva
  • Meena
  • Thagubothu Ramesh
  • Roller Raghu
  • Prabhas Srinu


Director: Shiva Raj Kanumuri

Producer: Shiva Raj Kanumuri, Satish Kanumuri

Music: Ravichandra

Jayammu Nischayammu Raa Movie Review


Sarva Mangalam (Srinivas Reddy) might be a generously compensated govt worker, however he is low on self-assurance. He is just about a manikin of Pitha (Jeeva), the quack crystal gazer who knows how to make a trick out of the simple. Working in Kakinada, the Karimnagar fellow falls for the excellence of Rani (Poorna), a Mee Seva worker longing for owning a nursery. Jayadeva Chedda, the Joint Collector (played by Ravi Varma) is that wily swinger who can’t consider regarding his representatives. Since Sarva Mangalam needs an exchange to the place where he grew up so he can live with his mom (Dubbing Janaki), he grudgingly leases his home to JC for doing sexual ventures despite the fact that that pricks his still, small voice. His endeavors at drawing near to Rani come a cropper since her companion (Sri Vishnu) wouldn’t permit them security.

In the midst of such an excess of, something incomprehensible is going on in Rani’s life. The JC is creeping closer and nearer to her even as she is negligent of the way that he is a womanizer. It’s presently up to the self-questioning, bashful, Pitha “bhakth” Sarva Mangalam to settle on a choice that will change the course of his and Rani’s life. By ferreting out the slogan ‘Desivali vinodam’ and admitting that he is propelled by artistic goliaths like Rachakonda Viswanatha Sastry, debutante chief Shiv Raj Kanumuri prevailing with regards to anticipating himself as a producer who is socially established. What’s more, ‘Jayammu Nischayammu Raa’ sufficiently hurls characters and sensibilities that to a great extent experience the self-depictions. Propelled by the subject of Rachakonda’s widely praised ‘Alpa Jeevi’, “JNR” tells the advancement of a working man when he is at a junction of his life.

Not that this one prepares a pathbreaking screenplay. Overall, the figure of speech is roused by what was surviving in a past period. The sarkari office scents of unfashionable characters who are not rib-tickling on the lines of the bank workers in ‘Malleeshwari’, however comical like those audaciously egotistical/torpid/mean characters in the movies of Godavari-school executives of the ’90s. No sooner does the mild-mannered, ‘erra transport’s applicant Sarva Mangalam joins the workplace, than the partners know the ‘Swathi Muthyam’ Kamal Haasan is putting forth himself to be Brahmanandam-fied (the Whatsapp advances are great).

Record pushers (Krishna Bhagawan as Adapa Prasad, Jogi Brothers, and so on) who bother Guntur Pantulu (Posani Krishna Murali) with their ceremonial red-tapism. That pillaging agent (Praveen as Tatkal) who amusements the framework. This woman officer who in the end falls for the coquettish Adapa Prasad, just to be informed that it’s “Mangalavaram” (a comic drama track established in neighborhood cuss culture). The young lady who dreams to be a business visionary, yet whose obsolete father thinks the 23-year-old little girl is excessively old, making it impossible to stay single. The JC, the epicurean debaucher, who could be the rival of a center range star in a 1993 motion picture.

The chief offers Srinivas Reddy’s character that accompanies two differentiating shades. Sarva Mangalam’s freshly discovered ways might be more true to life than authentic, however all things considered, the fun remainder keeps the group of onlookers drawing in even at 150 or so minutes. There are minutes when the quick move is unconvincing, yet the quickness offers. After a point, it’s about Sarva Mangalam’s self-attestation and solidness instead of road cleverness and tricky.

One feels there ought to have been a few compelling lines including Rani and her guaranteeing sibling (played by Krishnudu) after she confronts the second bafflement in a traverse of a couple of months. Rather than a general spurned sweetheart’s melody, a theoretical tune drawn from the lead characters’ fixations (read blossoms and stones/special necklaces) would have been engaging.

Uncommon say should be made about the peak. Other than contributing in fact (four cameras were utilized), the chief reclaims it composing astute too. Including a large group of comics (Posani, the cleric retaliates for; Praveen is shown a good time), it’s a clever scene without a doubt.

In the event that the exchanges are wise, the exhibitions are an or more. Keep an eye out for Srinivas Reddy, who doesn’t appear to be deficient anyplace aside from when over-enjoyed a tune here and a scene there. Poorna, the on-screen character of “Avunu” popularity, looks greasy, however acts out extremely well with her enormous eyes. Ravi Varma, who demonstrated his guts this year in “Fear” and ‘Kshanam’, here assumes an undeniable part. He gets the mean streak perfectly. He is ending up being an artiste who goes past depicting the traditional baddie’s aura. Sri Vishnu is a skilled on-screen character whom one needs to see increasingly. Most likely, he gets the lingo right, his appearances make him that cute person adjacent. Every one of the entertainers experience their picture.

Ravichandra’s music (esp the hit ‘O Bangaru Chilaka’) and Karthik Rodriguez’s BGM are a benefit. The cinematography by Nagesh Bannel (of ‘Pelli Choopulu’ notoriety) is another major in addition to. A show, “JNR” is a well-recounted story of an administration representative whose state of mind sees an ocean change when confronted with unforgiving reality. The artistic figure of speech is a return to yesteryear performers. With discoursed and exhibitions that interest, this one is in fact well-made.



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