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Iru Mugan is a 2016 Indian Tamil-dialect sci-fi activity film composed and coordinated by Anand Shankar. The film stars Vikram, Nayantara and Nithya Menen in the number one spot parts. Having experienced a few changes in pre-creation of cast and makers, the film started shooting in December 2015. The film had an overall discharge on 8 September 2016. Iru Mugan is titled Inkokkadu in Telugu, maker Neelam Krishna Reddy of NKR Films procured Telugu rights.

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Vikram and Nayanathara starter “Inkokkadu” is Telugu adaptation of Tamil motion picture ‘Iru Morgan’. As the title says the film is in regards to two people and saint battling with his adversary. That other individual (Inkokkadu) is an offbeat researcher who is likewise a transgender. Along these lines, here we have Vikram The RAW officer and Vikram the transgender lowlife. The set-up is very fascinating, the plot appears to be potential for a decent thriller yet it goes astray as the film advances.

Despite the fact that the film starts on an intriguing note, the pace loosens when Vikram arrives in Malaysia with Nithya Menen and the accompanying satire and scenes are exhausting. At that point, the film gets on drawing in the mode when the narrative of Vikram and Nayanathara is uncovered – how they experienced passionate feelings for and how she is executed by Love. Again there is a contort before the interim, which is additionally intriguing. In any case, from that point, the plot turns level. There are very few energizing minutes to keep our enthusiasm for the film. Whole second half turns extremely unsurprising including the peak. Indeed, even the primary purpose of Love building up a Drug that pumps adrenaline in individuals and the general population beat up with part of quality is like the scalawag’s super power in ‘seventh Sense’.

A suspended officer returning to chase down the reprobate who murdered his significant other is a natural plotline yet what the executive has included here is putting scoundrel as transgender underhandedness researcher. The character portray is great yet the scenes including him are not great. The easy way Nithya and Vikram discover the whereabouts of Love is difficult to accept. That aggregate scene doesn’t work. In the second a large portion of, the angry scenes between two Vikram’s are likewise protracted without much tension.

Nithya Menen is found in little part. She doesn’t add anything to the film. The film is a disappointment by the feeble portrayal. Of the exhibitions, Vikram by and by demonstrates his quality on the part of Love. He is too great in that part as he culminated the non-verbal communication so well. Nayanthara sparkles in her part that requires her to show both excitement and activity. Tamil entertainer Tambi’s parody doesn’t work. In fact the film can’t be rejected as it has awesome cinematography (RD Rajasekhar), great Background score (despite the fact that Harris’ melodies don’t work aside from Helena tune) and rich generation values. The executive has genuinely intriguing plot on the hand yet he has lost hold on it with frail screenplay particularly the later bits of the motion picture thoroughly are very unsurprising and exhausting. Added to this the film accompanies heaps of provisos

Main concern: Despite alright plotline, intriguing interim blast and Vikram’s execution as transgender, the film turns unsurprising in the second half.


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