idime: Simple and Easy way to expand your iPhone Storage

iPhones have turned into a vital piece of our lives, uniting all the STUFF we used to convey in our packs into one simple, pocket-capable gadget. With new mixed media substance and versatile applications turning out each second, you require space- – loads of it- – to amplify profitability and pleasure on your iPhone.

That is the reason we made i.dime, a definitive stockpiling development answer for your iPhone. When we outlined i.dime, we needed to enhance all the current courses in which you can get more space. What’s more, what great is additional space on the off chance that you can’t share it? i.dime offers the least difficult approach to share and deal with every one of your documents at truly moderate valuing.

A 16GB iPhone gives you around 12GB of client available space. That implies that regardless of the fact that you didn’t introduce a solitary application, store a solitary melody or take a solitary photograph, your gleaming new iPhone can shoot only 32 minutes of 4K video.

As innovation continues developing, sizes of photographs, recordings and applications keep on increasing. Would you truly like to pay $100, $200 on top of the expense of a fresh out of the box new iPhone to get additional capacity consistently?

With i.dime, you can add up to 256GB of extra space to the iPhone. All the more land permits you to catch more minutes, unleash your inventiveness and keep recollections that you imparted to your friends and family.

Sharing substance to different gadgets is only a snap away. Whether it is a birthday video of your child or 200 photographs you brought with your companions at a gathering the previous evening, basically snap off the i.dime and spot it on the USB holder gave. At that point use it as a thumb drive and fitting it into your PC. Lightning and smaller scale USB holders are accessible too for your tablets and non-Apple cell phones.

At the point when the time comes to exchange your information, i.dime underpins blasting quick 95MB/s read and 90MB/s compose speeds. This guarantees all substance, whether it be 4K recordings or high-determination pictures, can be delighted in with negligible slack or defer. For instance, 16GB of photographs and recordings will take under 3 minutes to exchange.

Does it work without the case? Totally

With gave dongles that come to each buy of an idime, you can basically snap idime on to the dongles to connect it to the base port of your telephone to appreciate idime.

idime case is available in five colours:




Baby Blue


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