Honest Trailers -Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Honest Trailers -Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, Since the arrival of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it was obviously a short time before it got the Honest Trailers treatment — and the time has come. Screen Junkies doesn’t keep down about the film — which they renamed “Fans v Batman v Superman v Critics v Other Fans v Executives v Zack Snyder v Expectations: Can’t Do Them All Justice” — scrutinizing the DC continuation for “leaving gatherings of people with a cool new Batman motion picture, caught inside an exhausting convoluted Superman spin-off, caught inside whatever toon Lex Luthor is from.”

What’s more, in the Batman versus Superman discuss, Screen Junkies descends on Batman’s side, applauding Ben Affleck’s superhero as “part cross-fit brother, one section Superman, one section Tony Stark, one section Arkham computer game, and one section real bat. The on-screen character we as a whole expected would be the most exceedingly bad piece of this film is by a wide margin the best a portion of this motion picture.”

The trailer is less sympathetic with regards to Superman, and to the film’s plot. Watch the video above, and click here to see Honest Trailers’ Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition, which tackles the film’s broadened form.

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