Fossil is far beyond a style brand nowadays. The watch and cowhide products producer traversed into the tech world with a whirlwind of keen watches and brilliant simple watches. Among the three Android Wear smartwatches that Fossil has made as such, one’s made particularly for the women, the Q Wander, and two made for men, the Q Marshal and the Q Founder. Any watchmaker worth his apparatuses will let you know that configuration is everything with watches. Everything from the point of the drags to the state of the packaging and the nature of the materials is unbelievably vital.


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While innovation organizations like Samsung enroll Swiss watch creators to enhance smartwatch plan, Fossil is as of now there. Its test is innovation. Fortunately, Fossil has some assistance from Misfit, a wellness wearable organization it purchased as of late, and Google, which makes the Android Wear working framework accessible to its accomplices. We investigated the cultured Q Wander and the inconspicuous, manly Q Marshall, to perceive how Fossils tech is taking care of business.

The Q meander: A major, strong, ladylike watch

Trust it or not, the Fossil Q Wander has a 45mm packaging, which is on the substantial end for ladies’ watches. It’s likewise fairly thick at 13.5mm. When I first saw it, I was certain it’d be too enormous and massive, yet when I attempted it on, it really felt agreeable and didn’t overpower my wrist.

Fossil has utilized two exemplary watchmaking traps to make the Q Wander look littler than it truly is. The hauls are thin and calculated particularly to suit ladies’ wrists. What’s more, rather than having hard edges that would make it look cumbersome and unbalanced, it’s bent wonderfully. The crown in favor of the watch feels extremely pleasant, as well, and serves as the force catch.

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It’s difficult to tell in pictures, however, the Q Wander looks entirely flawless on ladies’ wrists. It’s somewhat like the second-era Moto 360, which additionally offered a ladies’ adaptation, however, Fossil is bigger in size. The rose gold packaging and 22mm tan cowhide strap I attempted on added to the quality of womanliness, and the sparkling gold tone made the greater part of the watch vanish. You can utilize any 22mm strap you need on the Q Wander, which is extraordinary for the individuals who change watch straps frequently.


Fossil made various decent watch faces for the Q Wander, which you can alter with various shading plans. The watch confronts copy Fossil’s simple watches, yet there are advanced choices for the individuals who need something less conventional. You can, obviously, utilize any watch face from the Google Play Store. The hues repeated on the screen looks sharp and splendid, yet it is a punctured tire show, so the base edge is tragically hacked off.

The Q Marshal: An inconspicuous, manly watch

The Q Wander goes some approach to alter the main significant issue with the Q Founder — it wasn’t in any capacity appropriate for thin wrists. The Wander is unmistakably ladylike, however, there are men who need a more unpretentious smartwatch as well. The new Q Marshal holds a manly style, without the Founder’s stoutness.

In dark, with a finished edge circling the face, it’s a sleek watch. What’s more, with the matte dark silicone strap, it picks up jaguar like stealth request. Attempting it with a cocoa calfskin band with sewed dark edging gave it to a greater degree an exemplary Fossil look. There’s a solitary catch in favor of the case to actuate the settings menu on the gadget, however, it’s generally a perfect configuration.

Fossil Q Wander and Q Marshal

Contrasted with the Q Founder, the Q Marshal is only somewhat more inconspicuous, somewhat more svelte, and the thinned carries mean it doesn’t emerge such a great amount on littler wrists. The numbers demonstrate what we can see. The Q Marshal’s case is 2mm littler, and 1mm more slender than the Q Founder. Additionally, the contorted configuration around the screen quiets down the style contrasted with the level surface on the Q Founder. It’s still fundamentally a man’s watch, however, has lost the majority of the Q Founder’s “take a gander at me” brashness when combined with something besides the metal connection strap.

Android Wear fueled by Qualcomm

Both watches are fueled by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor, which guarantees zippier execution to Android Wear watches, and ought to help with drawing out battery life. The Q Founder utilized an Intel chip, so this is an extensive change for Fossil. In our speedy hands on, the preparing appeared to be exceptionally liquid, however, we’ll need to test it more certainly.

The Q Marshal’s battery limit is 360mAh, littler than the Q Founder’s 400mAh cell. Still, Fossil says despite everything you’ll get a day of utilization from the watch. The Q Wander has the same battery limit, which energizes remotely by means of a simple-to-use charger, and ought to keep going throughout the day on a charge, as indicated by Fossil.

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Tragically, there’s no heart rate screen on either. Be that as it may, you can track your wellness measurements, because of the accelerometer and whirligig on board. Like most Android Wear watches, it interfaces with your telephone by means of Bluetooth and utilizations your telephone’s GPS. The present adaptation of Android Wear is introduced now, and a move up to variant 2.0 will come soon, as indicated by a Fossil delegate.

Android Wear 2.0 incredibly enhances the look and feel of the OS, so it can’t come soon enough. The watch was in demo mode and not associated with a telephone when we attempted it, so it’s difficult to remark completely on the experience. Be that as it may, as Android Wear is practically indistinguishable paying little mind to the watch it’s on, we question it’ll be radically distinctive to the Q Founder.

Cost and accessibility

The Fossil Q Wander and Q Marshal are accessible to purchase online for $295, or $315 relying upon your decision of strap and case shading, which is generally modest for a smartwatch. Fossil offers watch groups right on its site, as well, or you can look at some on Amazon.


Appealing plans for both men and ladies

You can utilize any 22mm strap

Fueled by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 2100

Good cost for a smartwatch


No heart rate screen

Not waterproof

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