China’s Elevated Bus That Drives Above Traffic Jams

China’s Elevated Straddling bus is a reality now. It may appear as though some cutting edge vehicle from a Sci-fi Hollywood flick. Be that as it may, the hotly anticipated “straddling bus”is now a reality in China. What’s more, test keeps running of this travel raised transport (TEB) is going ahead in Qinhuangdao in the territory of Hebei. The transport is 22 meters long and 7.8 meters wide. It is at a stature of 4.8 meters starting from the earliest stage convey up to 300 travelers. The best some portion of this transport is that it checks the issue of congested driving conditions by transcending the vehicles out and about, permitting them to go underneath.

The trial run was directed on a 300m-since quite a while ago controlled track. The vehicle is relied upon to achieve rates of up to 60km every hour, running on rails laid along customary streets and up to four TEBs can be connected together. So once it turns out to be completely utilitarian, it can bear 1,200 travelers.


India is one of the nations that has communicated its enthusiasm to embrace this transport administration alongside Brazil, France, and Indonesia. TEBs handling on the streets of Mumbai or Bangalore and other real metropolitan urban communities will come as a colossal help given the degree to which open transport is extended and also the gigantic activity which has turned into a hazard in these urban communities.






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