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Bethaludu is the Telugu upcoming movie directed by Pradeep Krishnamoorthy and produced by Fathima Vijay Antony. Vijay Antony is the hero of the movie, Arunthathi is heroin of the movie and some other actors like Charu Haasan, Meera Krishnan, YG Mahendran, Murugadoss are also acting in this movie. Vijay Antony has given music for this movie. This movie is a dubbed version of Tamil movie Saithan. This is a supernatural thriller movie. Bethadudu movie trailer has been released. The trailer is just superb it says like hero Vijay is playing a dual role, Vijay has a stunning look in this movie. The trailer itself shows how the movie is, the background music is just superb, I guess music plays a key role in this movie. This movie is scheduled to release on 18th Nov 2016.

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  • Vijay Antony
  • Arunthathi Nair
  • Charu Hassan
  • Meera Krishnan
  • Y G Mahendran
  • Murugadoss


  • Director – Pradeep Krishnamoorthy
  • Producer – Fathima Vijay Antony
  • Music Director Vijay Antony

Bethaludu film is a dubbed version of Tamil motion picture Saithan and it is a heavenly thriller coordinated by Pradeep Krishnamoorthy. In which, Vijay Antony and Arundhathi Nair are playing the principle lead parts, Next to acting Vijay Antony scored music for this motion picture. “Bichagadu” has given music chief turned performing artist Vijay Anthony, a solid decent footing among the Telugu groups of onlookers. The motion picture went ahead to run 100 days in numerous parts of the Telugu talking states causing immense benefits. The performing artist, who is right now occupied with his next “Sai than” named as “Bethaludu” in Telugu is enthused about a Diwali discharge. Then, the creators of the film will discharge the main look of the on-screen character from Telugu form on September 19. The motion picture, coordinated by Pradeep Krishnamoorthy has Arundhati Nair playing the female lead. A few days back, the secret of Vijay Antony’s Bethaludu (‘Saithaan’ in Tamil) had been discharged. The establishment of the same had Vedic serenades from the Taittiriya Upanishad. Two or three lines in this section had plainly sounded particular and along these lines hurt Vedic scientists who had conveyed their mistake on this. The staggering visuals, interesting plot, Vijay Antony’s different getups and the foundation score remained as highlights and raised the desires on the film. The foundation score of the secret had Vedic serenades from the Taittiriya Upanishad. It has now become known that a couple serenades in the secret hurt the slants of Vedic researchers who straightforwardly communicated their disappointment. Reacting to the feedback, Vijay Antony reported on his Twitter page that he regards the conclusion of Vedic researchers thus he was pulling back the mystery of Saithan from his Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter pages. He additionally included that another secret will be discharged at 7 PM on fifth October, in the wake of making the fundamental rectifications to the serenades.

Vijay Anthony has turned into a tremendous sensation after the accomplishment of his last film Bichagadu. He is currently back with his new film Bhetaludu which has hit the screens today. How about we perceive how it is.


Dinesh(Vijay Anthony) is a senior programming engineer who drives a glad existence with his better half Aishwarya(Arundhati Nair). The contort in the story emerges when Dinesh begins listening to strange voices from his mind which request that Dinesh slaughter himself. Things get so genuine such Dinesh’s reality gets aggravated totally and he has participated in a mental healing center. There, amid his treatment, the specialists discover that he is experiencing an issue which is identified with his hereditary past. What is that issue ? What does it need to do with Dinesh’s present life? furthermore, How does Dinesh figure out how to leave this dubious circumstance ? That structures whatever is left of the story. The narrative of Bhetaludu is very new. The way things including Vijay Anthony and his past are executed is really great. At the end of the day, Vijay does especially well in his part. Directly through the motion picture, he showcases some shocking feelings and is stunning as the man who gets rationally exasperates.

The principal half of the film is super holding and tension filled. You never recognize what transform the film will get into as the executive portrays the procedures in a significant creative and intriguing way. Courageous woman Arundhati Nair is bolting as the female lead. Her part is exceptionally solid and she has made an astounding showing with regards to. Foundation score by Vijay Anthony lifts the film to another level.

Bhetaludu is firmly holding till the initial fifteen minutes of the second half. In any case, when the genuine reason is showcased concerning why all these strange things are occurring, things go wayward. The film loses steam and turns into somewhat moderate. There is very little awfulness in the film and every one of the individuals who think Bhethaludu will have frightfulness components can get disillusioned. No less than a noteworthy segment of the gathering of people can get killed with the way in which things are finished. The peak of the film is likewise somewhat bored and is dragged for reasons unknown. An excessive number of true to life freedoms have ben taken which will emerge many inquiries in the gathering of people brains.

Vijay Anthony’s creation qualities are the first rate. The areas picked, and the set up including the old town in the principal half have been showcased pleasantly. Music is respectable and as said before, Vijay Anthony’s experience score is great. Exchanges are flawless as was the camera work. Going to the chief Pradeep, he has made an alright showing with regards to with the film. His screenplay needs a unique specify amid the principal have the same number of scenes are joined with various wanders aimlessly. In any case, he relinquishes things amid the later part and makes the film unsurprising and moderate. It is a catch 20-20 circumstance where a specific area may like what is showcased relying upon the stream of the film. Be that as it may, in the meantime, it can disillusion numerous who expect something extremely intriguing after all the anticipation filled procedures. All in all, Bhetaludu is a film which has some exceptionally holding minutes. The storyline and execution are very new and makes things intriguing for the whole first half. Be that as it may, a moderate and somewhat over the top peak can ruin the fun totally. On the off chance that you are burnt out on the standard masala performers which are produced each week, you can without much of a stretch give this film a shot which is somewhat unique and winds up as a period pass watch this end of the week.

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