ANTI-GRAVITY PHONE CASE For iPhone 5S/6S/6S+ and Samsung mobile

The Anti-Gravity Case is ideal for going without hands while taking selfies, spilling Netflix, Skyping with companions, recording video online journals, live gushing with Periscope, working out at the rec center and a great deal more!

Nano-suction innovation:

Envision a large number of modest suction glasses on the back of your case giving hold to most smooth surfaces, making the Anti-Gravity Case ideal for sans hands selfies and that’s only the tip of the iceberg!


How to use ?

  • Before utilizing, expel the straightforward plastic on the capacity surface.
  • In the event that the capacity surface gets filthy, just basically wash it with clean water, and the quality continues as before.
  • This case works splendidly with smooth surface like Wood, Whiteboard, Metal, Computer Screen,… so please ensure your surface is perfect and smooth before put the case on.
  • Try not to push the case too hard or you may think that its hard when disengage it with the surface and the case could be harmed.
  • The capacity surface has a delicate material, kindly DO NOT harm it.

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