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Rashmi Gautham is the main reason behind the buzz around this ultra low spending thriller coordinated by a debutante Kalyan. Rashmi has sizzled in her hot symbol in the film Guntur Talkies that clicked at the ticket window. So the debutant executive attempted to capitalize on Rashmi’s picture and prominence. Aside from Rashmi’s titillating melody there is nothing else to discuss this terrible film.

Everything about Antham is a joke. Chief attempted his best to make it resemble a film, however after a point he too has surrendered. Antham couldn’t draw yours consideration for a brief moment in spite of its exciting reason.

A solitary spouse is abducted, the husband is gotten in a vulnerable circumstance and the criminals are up with a uber arrangement. Give this plot to anyone who tries to be a movie producer and they will concoct a watchable film. Antham chief Kalyan made it anything other than watchable.

The discourse is shocking that the performers didn’t have an idea about what they were talking. No one talks sense including the lowlifess and the legend. A fifth grader will have preferable vocabulary over this essayist, who likewise is our chief. Antham neglects to engross at any rate for a minute. Exactly when you trust that this film couldn’t deteriorate, the chief shocks us with a frightful peak.

I wager you won’t ready to sit until the end regardless of the fact that you are offered a free ticket and popcorn. On the off chance that you are so frantic to watch Rashmi in her sizzling symbol simply Google for her hot pictures or look for her recordings from Guntur Talkies on youtube. At long last, help yourself out by staying as far away as could be allowed from this upsetting stuff.

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